ACF Compressed Natural Gas Refilling Stations

Our feature-rich natural gas compressor packages benefit you, and the planet. We will be the leader in compressed natural gas (CNG) in Florida for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) market. We will do this by providing a wide range of safe, reliable and easy-to-service modular compression packages.

  • Compressed natural gas cars last up to 25,000 miles longer between oil changes.

  • Ingersol Rand equipment is at a number of School districts in Florida and used to fill school buses. Many of these stations are time fill designs and some include provisions for fast fills.

  • Pre-packaged design means that all the components needed to operate our compressor system are included on one common steel skid. There are only three connections to make in the field: Inlet Gas, Electric, and Outlet Gas.

  • ACF CNG has packages that will serve small CNG fleets ranging from 2 to 20 vehicles, and larger packages that will serve 10 to 150 vehicles including transit buses, airport shuttle buses, garbage trucks, road sweepers, transports, etc.

  • When a station requires accountability a dispenser is required. In most cases a customer will swipe a credit card to activate the station and then fill his or her vehicle. Here a customer is using an NGV-1 connector to fill the car.

  • Leon County Schools selected three IR20H40NGDX compressor packages for their refueling station. This is a public refueling station that serves both the school buses and the public.


ACF Compressed Natural Gas

Air Centers of Florida is a Distributor for IR’s CNG product line in the state of Florida. We are also the the Exclusive Distributor for Ingersoll Randís complete lines of Compressed air equipment, Tools, ARO Pumps, and Material handling (Hoists and winches). We represent Ingersoll Rand for sales, service, parts, and rentals for this entire area of coverage. P.C. Mckenzie is Ingersoll Rand's Authorized OEM / Packerager for all IR CNG Systems.

NGV Refueling

Our rugged, pre-packaged modular compressor systems provide the necessary performance for most NGV applications including school bus and municipal fleets, forklift applications, utilities and public refueling. From inlet to outlet, Ingersoll Rand and P.C. McKenzie are the leaders in CNG package design, manufacture and warranty.

  • Packages range from 28 scfm to 116 scfm
  • Up to 5,000 psig discharge pressure
  • Air-cooled design
  • Parts and service readily available
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A., and packaged by PC McKenzie Company.
The Experts

For over 25 years Air Centers of Florida has been focused on hiring and training our staff to meet your goals.

Our 50 + employees includes a team of over 25 service technicians with a combination of over 300 years experience and 6 sales engineers with a combination of over 100 years of experience. They are motivated to service you.

Here To Service Your Needs

We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! It is our privilege to service you! 866-880-4456

Let us help your business make the transistion to Compressed Natural Gas.

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Master Distributors of

Ingersoll Rand and Simpkins

Press Release

ACF, Inc. is excited to announce Dave Voelker as its Business Development Director heading up their compressed natural gas (CNG) division, ACF Compressed Natural Gas.

ACF is a Distributor for Ingersoll Randís complete CNG product line in the state of Florida. They are also the Exclusive Distributor for IRís complete lines of Compressed Air Equipment, Tools, ARO Pumps, and Material Handling (Hoists and Winches). ACF represents Ingersoll Rand for sales, service, parts, and rentals in Florida with locations in Jacksonville, Orlando and their corporate headquarters in Tampa.

Dave Voelker now heads up the ACF Compressed Natural Gas division as well as the Air Centers of Florida division. Dave brings with him over 25 years of experience in the compressed air and natural gas industry. As the leader of one of the strongest Ingersoll Rand Distributors in the nation, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Based out of Tampa, Dave will be responsible for CNG Station Equipment Sales & Service for the State of Florida. For more information contact Dave Voelker at 800-282-5359 or email at

Fuel of the Future!

Our feature-rich natural gas compressor packages benefit you, and the planet.

Environmentally Clean

Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel operating today. This means less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life. Dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) have little or no emissions during fueling. In gasoline vehicles, fueling emissions account for at least 50% of a vehicle's total hydrocarbon emissions.

Less Maintenance

Some fleet operators have reduced maintenance costs by as much as 40% by converting their vehicles to CNG. Intervals between oil changes for natural gas vehicles are dramatically extended--anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 additional miles depending on how the vehicle is used.

More Safe

Surveys indicate that NGV's are as safe or safer than those powered by other fuels. A 1992 AGA survey of more than 8,000 vehicles found that with more than 278 million miles traveled, NGV injury rates per vehicle mile traveled were 34% lower than the rate for gasoline vehicles. There were no fatalities reported--even though these vehicles were involved in over 1,800 collisions.

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